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17th International Week

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KVK is focusing on quality practical skills. That’s why this semester we hosted 17th International Week “QUALITY OF STUDIES: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES”.

We had the pleasure of hosting 49 participants from 12 countries (32 different institutions).

Our week together kicked off in the Business Faculty with an opening ceremony to welcome our guests. Once, everyone had safely arrived, our Director Gražina Markvaldienė opened the ceremony with welcome speech. Then Jūratė Danielienė, Head of International Relations Department, presented KVK, and an introduction to Lithuanian culture was made by a special guest musician Karolis Šileika, who played for us the Skrabalai – traditional wooden bells instrument. Later to learn something about each other’s culture, we had an international coffee break where participants brought different snacks, and even drinks from their home countries, and we all got a small taste of one another’s countries. Toward the evening, we strolled through the majestic old town of Klaipeda properly sightseeing the city, and with our feet feeling the walk a gastronomic tour in the Svyturys brewery was a perfect way to end the evening.

On the 2nd day of the International Week, we started the morning with an International Conference on “Business-Society and Future Insights” where the participants had an active presentations with discussion. The day was carried over to presentations of the guest institutions where we heard numerous presentations, and we and students at KVK received background information on the programmes that are available at their given institutions. Presentation were also available through zoom where we had additional participants.

To start off the 3rd day of the International Week, we gave the participants a tour of the Faculty of Technologies. After the coffee break, we separated into two groups for a discussion on the topic “Quality of Studies – challenges and opportunities that come along with it”, and this triggered an active discussion with heavy participation with different outlooks on the topic. Moreover, lectures were given to our students, and meetings were taken place in the department’s such as Public relations, Finance, Study and career center, Applied research, and others.


On Thursday, we met directly at the Faculty of Health Sciences where a tour was given on the faculty with a detailed explanation of all the equipment used. To ease our minds and calm our bodies, we were guided through a mind and body Tai Chi exercise which surely got everyone‘s stress levels down. Furthermore, we practiced different flexibility and strength training exercises that we can implement into our daily life to maintain our health. In the evening, symbol of Klaipeda “Meridianas” awaited us in the beautiful old town by the riverside, where we had a fine dining experience of different Lithuanian foods which ended with certificate ceremony.


After a hard week of work it was a time for some relax time! An excursion to Nida was exactly what we needed, and the weather was on our side. During the excursion, we visited the colony of cormorants, spectacular sand dunes in Naglis Cognitive trail, and simply enjoyed nature‘s formations in Curonian Spit national park. After an incredible hike through the dunes, we grew an appetite for some local cuisine, and we made our way to the beautiful city centre of Nida. Here, we had lunch getting the opportunity to try some local smoked fish on the calming seaside of Nida. The excursion came to an end with a few hours to marvel at the old colourful thatched roof homes of Nida, museums and amber galleries.


Thank you for all participants of 17th International Week. We hope to welcome you again on 18th International Week in April 2023!


Written by trainee Jussi Julius Halme


Last updated: 2022-10-03
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