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KVK can offer very limited number of placements for accommodation in the dormitory for international students.

Students are offered to live in a dormitory (equipped rooms with single or communal bath, communal kitchen, washing machines). Dormitory address is Debreceno str. 25, Klaipeda.

Price – 70-120 € per month.

Institution: Klaipedos valstybine kolegija
Account No. LT 807300010074178978
Bank “Swedbankas”Code: 73000

We can assist you in providing information on accommodation outside KVK.


P.S. – COVID-19 related information – in case you are subject to mandatory self-isolation due to travel from abroad or positive COVID-19, it will not be available to make isolation in the dormitory.


Jūratė Pėkautienė Debreceno dormitory administrator

Areta Lenkauskienė Taikos dormitory administrator

Last updated: 2024-03-07
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