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Migration information

Migration regulations are a subject to change, therefore it is always useful to check at the Lithuanian embassy or consulate about what type of visa / temporary residence permit (TRP) is needed. Updated information about the required documents and procedures is also available on Internet site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Lithuanian Migration Department. Depending on the citizenship and length of stay in Lithuania, one may be able to enter Lithuania without a visa.

KVK issue mediation letters for all study applicants if they need to apply for visa/TRP. But it is applicant responsibility to verify all the consular requirements before traveling to Lithuania and making appointments for visa / TRP visa with Embassy/visa center.

Students from EU or EFTA do not need a visa to enter the Republic of Lithuania. They can come and stay in Lithuania for 3 months. After that, they have to apply for the Certificate (of the form established by the Minister of the Interior) signifying their right to temporarily reside in Lithuania at the local migration office.

Documents to be submitted for a Certificate:

  • Valid travel document;
  • Completed form of application;
  • Document confirming that you are accepted at KVK;
  • Bank statement confirming that you have enough funds during your stay in LT;
  • Health insurance;
  • Payment of 8,60 EUROS.

More information – HERE.

Non-EU students should obtain National visa or Temporary residence permit (TRP) depending on their studies:

  • incoming exchange students (Erasmus+) apply for National visa. Information on application procedure – HERE.
  • full degree seeking students apply for TRP. Information on application procedure – HERE.

Applications are accepted via VFS Global visa centers.

Some Non-EU countries have agreements with Lithuania which allows their citizens to arrive to Lithuania for short term visits (up to 3 months) without visa. You can check if you are under this exception HERE. Then you can apply for National visa / TRP directly at Migration department in Klaipeda.

When a document is issued in a country, that has not acceded to the Hague Convention, the document issued abroad must be legalized not only at the institution of the local country, which is responsible for the legalization of the documents for their use abroad but also at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania or at the Lithuanian Embassy.

From 01.01.2024 applications for TRP require to have double legalization on the non-conviction certificates.

Starting with 18/01/2024 documents will be accepted only directly at the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (further – Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Therefore, documents which will have been presented via courier services or otherwise from the latter date (regardless the respective document send-out date), will neither be considered nor legalized accordingly.

Documents for legalization when presented via courier will be admitted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs only in cases of their presentation via diplomatic representations and consular posts of the Republic of Lithuania as well when submitted by courts, prosecutor’s offices and pre-trial investigation bodies, as established by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania at the 30th October 2006 resolution No 1079 in regard of “The establishment of the guidance concerning the procedure of document legalization and approval certificate (Apostille)”, in points 10 and 11 thereof.

For more information please visit official website.

Countries whose citizens are not require to do double legalization on PCC –  CLICK HERE.

Please note that unfortunately KVK can not offer accommodation for new international students due to renovation of one of the dormitories.

Looking for accommodation outside KVK, we recommend using these sites:







Last updated: 2024-06-18
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