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Please note that we require B1 English language level from all incoming students. Additional online interview might be requested.

We accept only Bachelor level students (EQF level 6) for mobilities within Erasmus+ programme.

We do not offer online mobility opportunity.

KVK keeps the right to cancel student mobility even after the arrival to Klaipeda in case of false information provided by the student/sending institution and/or inappropriate behavior and non-compliance with rules set by KVK.


If you wish to apply for Erasmus+ studies, you should:

  1. Ask your home university if they have bilateral agreement with KVK or check it HERE.
  2. Fill in online application form.
  3. Ask your home coordinator to send us (to a.sinusaite@kvk.lt) nomination for your Erasmus+ mobility.
  4. Send us your English language level confirmation.
  5. Choose the subjects from our list. Please note that for 1 semester you can have maximum 30 ECTS.
  6. Fill in online learning agreement (OLA).
  7. Arrive to Klaipeda!

Online learning agreement (OLA)

We accept only OLA. Please make sure you fill in OLA correctly – period, responsible persons, name of subjects and etc. Responsible person is Almeda Šinušaitė, Specialist at International Relations Department, a.sinusaite@kvk.lt. Contact person is the Head of the Study department you are coming to. You can find their names and contacts next to the subjects list.

Students coming from partner countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Egypt, Jordan, Albania) need to submit regular learning agreement.

Confirmation and acceptance

Please note that acceptance letters and confirmation of arrivals are issued in the form of email. No hard copies will be issued.


Calendar for 2023/2024 academic year

Faculty of Business

Faculty of Technologies

Faculty of Health Sciences

Calendar for 2024/2025 academic year

Faculty of Business

Faculty of Technologies

Faculty of Health Sciences

If you wish to apply for Erasmus+ traineeship, you should:

  1. Fill in online application form.
  2. Send us your motivation letter, English language level confirmation to a.sinusaite@kvk.lt

NOTE – traineeship placements are offered by availability. Traineeships are done at KVK administrative or academic departments and/or partner companies, associations,  hospitals and etc.

KVK organizes blended intensive programmes (BIP), to which we invite partners and students to join. More information – HERE.

We offer accommodation for incoming students in KVK dormitory located Debreceno g. 25, Klaipeda. Month cost is 120 EUR. However, the number of rooms is very limited.

If you want to live in dormitory, mark its option in application form and we will inform about possibilities.

P.S. – COVID-19 related information – in case you are subject to mandatory self-isolation due to travel from abroad, testing positive or having high or medium risk contact with COVID positive person, it will not be available to make isolation in the dormitory.

Looking for accommodation outside KVK, we recommend using these sites:







If you are coming from not European Union country please check if you are required to have a visa for arrival to Lithuania – http://keliauk.urm.lt/en/.

KVK issue mediation letters for all students if they need to apply for visa. But it is applicant responsibility to verify all the consular requirements before traveling to Lithuania and making appointments for visa / TRP visa with Embassy/visa center.

If you will need visa, please fill in this FORM and we will provide mediation letter for visa application.

More information – HERE.

Note – mediation letter includes information regarding accommodation in dormitory for those students who got their request for accommodation approved.

Contact person

Almeda Šinušaitė Specialist at International Relations Department

Last updated: 2024-06-04
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