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Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences (KVK)

It is the third-largest University of Applied Sciences in Lithuania.  Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences counts 100 years of experience in preparing professional practitioners.


The main goal of KVK

To prepare highly qualified specialists, to develop applied research activities.

KVK invests in the quality of teaching, so students are provided with modern classrooms, laboratories and internships places (car operation, dental care, nursing, computer applications, etc.).

KVK carries out various research activities, as well as national and international projects (Nordplus, Erasmus+, EEA grants, Interreg, etc.). Lifelong Learning Center provides modern primary and continuing education services, creates conditions for retraining, improvement of qualifications, and meets the needs of self-education.

Close cooperation with businesses, international organizations and local authorities contributes to the dissemination and implementation of sustainable development ideas in the region.

The development of internationality occupies an important place of KVK. Institution was awarded the Diploma Supplement Label (DS Label) and the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027, which allow academic mobility worldwide.

Studies are focused on the development of practical skills, and graduates are awarded a professional bachelor’s degree.


A modern, open to the public, constantly learning higher education institution, conducting internationally recognized studies, developing applied research activities, contributing to the sustainable development of the country and the region.


To carry out high-quality higher education studies based on professional practice, applied research and experimental development, and to create conditions for lifelong learning for individuals:

Strategic operational priorities

1. High-quality higher education studies that respond to scientific and technological progress

1.1 Train specialists meeting the needs of the labour market;

1.2. Implement student-centred studies;

1.3. Develop effective cooperation with stakeholders to meet their needs, expectations and requirements;

1.4. Develop the internationalisation of KVK activities;

1.5. Ensure conditions for lifelong learning.

2. Compliance of applied research activities with the sustainable development of the state/region

2.1. Ensure the unity of science and studies;

2.2. Ensure the quality and diversity of applied research;

2.3. Develop partnerships by increasing the commercialization of applied research results.

3. Sustainable development of KVK

3.1. Develop employee competence, motivation and leadership;

3.2. Ensure continuous improvement of the Quality Management System;

3.3. Ensure the rational use of material and financial resources;

3.4. Develop a network of strategic partnerships;

3.5. Strengthen KVK brand and grow its reputation;

3.6. Implement the goals of sustainable development in the activities of KVK.


Strategic goal and programmes

To train highly qualified specialists, develop applied research activities, and meet the development needs of the region.



Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the port city.

1902 Klaipeda Teachers’ Seminary was established (Klaipeda Higher Pedagogical School since 1991).

2001 Klaipeda Higher Pedagogical School merged with Klaipeda Higher Medical School → Klaipeda College.

2009 Klaipeda College merged with Klaipeda Business and Technology College → Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences.

Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences has brought up many enlightened people. Among them prof. Bronius Balčytis is one of the most famous authors of mathematics textbooks for primary schools, doctor Vaclovas Intas, who founded a stone museum in Mosedis, Skuodas district, as well as writer Kazys Saja.

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