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Recognition of foreign qualifications

Applicants wishing to enroll for studies must have completed at least secondary education. Please note that a foreign citizen, must have his/her education documents recognised in the Republic of Lithuania. The evaluation and recognition of foreign school-leaving certificates and higher education qualifications is carried out by the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (“SKVC”) or appointed higher education institution.

KVK has a right to evaluate and recognize applicants’ foreign qualifications therefore assessment of foreign qualifications will be carried by KVK as part of study application evaluation.

SKVC website


Application for studies

Study application should have;

  1. motivation statement;
  2. colorful and good quality notarized copies of secondary education (or any other) documents (additional educational documents might be required according to applicant’s country of residence);
  3. colorful and good quality copy of the passport;
  4. a valid document confirming the level of English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, LanguageCert IESOL B1+, etc.).
  5. (at least) 1 recommendation;
  6. a proof, certifying payment of the non-refundable Application fee (120EUR) to the KVK account (details are written below);
  7. Additionally, statement regarding work experience, if any.
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Fee payments

Student tuition fees are subject to the chosen programme of study. Procedures for paying due fees are defined in the conditional offer letter and Agreement of Study between the student and institution (main document confirming the fees). Please note that applicants are required to pay first year tuition fee in advance before the beginning of studies and will need to send transfer receipt to the International Relations Department.

After receiving confirmation on the paid tuition fee, International Relations Department will send the mediation documents necessary for visa or temporary residence permit (TRP) application for students who need visa/TRP to enter Lithuania. Please note that students coming for full time studies need to apply for TRP. Applicants are able to apply for TRP through an external service provider when they are absent from Lithuania. More information you can find here.

In case visa is refused, 100% of the Tuition Fee will be refunded, except for the bank transfer fee (refund process can take up to a month).



A person is considered to have enrolled to KVK after the submission and approval of original documents, signing of the Agreement of Study and the formal registration of the Director’s Acceptance decree.

Please note all students are required to arrive and register for studies not later than 15th of September. In other case there will be no possibility to start studies in that academic year.

Studies take place physically in the Faculties, some theoretical lectures might be given online.

Study documents

Bank details for Application fee, Tuition fee

  • Beneficiery: Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija, 111968056
  • Bank Name: AB Swedbank
  • Account Number: LT80 7300 0100 7417 8978
  • Bank SWIFT Code: HABALT22
  • Payment purpose: Application Fee, Tuition fee [student name surname]

English language requirements

For studies we require at least level B1. Examples of assessments of English language proficiency certificates equivalent to level B1: TOEFL Paper 477-510, TOEFL IBT 53-64, IELTS 4.5-5.0, PTE level 3, LanguageCert IESOL B1 Achiever. If an applicant does not have such valid document, English language level will be estimated remotely by KVK staff member. If you are a native speaker and/or if the English language was the medium of instruction in your previous studies, you will be exempt from providing an English language test score therefor confirmation from school will be required. Note – Duolingo test is not accepted.


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Almeda Šinušaitė Specialist at International Relations Department

Last updated: 2024-05-06
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