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Research papers in the field of technology, medical and health, nature, social sciences, as well as interdisciplinary scientific articles analyzing problems and their solutions related to the formation of a diverse human environment, are getting published in the Scientific Journal “Development of Sustainable Environment”. The journal publishes original research papers and other scientific information in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages.


ISSN 2538-9017 print
ISSN 2538-9025 online

It is international, peer-reviewed scientific conference proceedings. The journal / proceedings is published by Klaipėda state University of Applied Sciences, Business faculty.

The aim of the proceedings is to promote exchange of scientific knowledge by publishing scientific articles in social sciences areas: management and administration, business studies, public administration, economic, education, pedagogy, as well as application oriented, practically and / or theoretically associated with the business, its infrastructure, regional development and technology fields.


ISSN 2538-7928 print version

ISSN 2538-7960 online version

Last updated: 2022-11-22
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