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Adaptation program for 1st year students

The curator of the group gets to know the students and provides basic information about the chosen profession, study performance, organizational features, schedules, study order, informal activities, etc.

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During the study introduction lecture, students are introduced to:

  • KVK vision, mission, goals and objectives, structure, statute.
  • the main study documents of the KVK: Study Regulations, Rules of Internal Procedure, Scholarship Award Regulations, etc.
  • library structure and services, general rules for using the library.
  • forms and types of support and their variety, activities of the Study and Career Center.
  • study program (aim of the study program, study results, teaching and assessment methods) and teachers.

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KVK is conducting a survey of first-year students. The purpose of the survey is to determine the students’ opinion about the effectiveness of the adaptation program implemented at KVK.

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First-year students with academic debts will be given additional consultations with Studies and career specialist Aurelija Mauricaite. The purpose of consultations is to find out the reasons and help to successfully liquidate existing academic debts.

Last updated: 2023-01-23
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