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KVK organized the anniversary International Week

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From 15 to 19 April, Klaipėdos Valstybinė Kolegija (KVK) hosted its 20th International Week, attracting a diverse group of 43 participants, including 27 lecturers and 16 Erasmus officers from different countries. Most of the participants came from the following countries: Latvia (9 participants), Poland (8 participants), Portugal (5 participants), and Turkiye (5 participants). There were also participants from Slovakia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany and Spain. In addition to European countries, the event was also attended by teachers from non-EU countries: Georgia, Ukraine, Kenya, and Malaysia. The most popular faculty among the participants was the Business Faculty.

The International Week began with participant registration, greetings from the Director Dr. Remigijus Kinderis, and the Head of the International Relations Department Jurate Danieliene. This was followed by the grand opening of the 20th International Week and later with presentations by each of the guest institutions. The day concluded with a cultural excursion through the old town of Klaipeda, showcasing the city’s rich heritage.

Throughout the week, the participants interacted with the faculties of KVK: Business Faculty, Technologies Faculty, and Health Science Faculty. They visited simulation centers and attended lectures on topics such as ‘Digital Tools in Teaching and Learning​’, ‘Emotional Intelligence​,’ ‘Internal and External Communication Between Employees of Different Generations’. These sessions included roundtable discussions and opportunities for dialogue with students.

In addition to the academic programme, participants enjoyed a variety of cultural and recreational activities, including a virtual reality film screening entitled ‘I Am Lithuania’, a gastronomic tour in Švyturys Brewery, excursions to Plateliai town and other attractions such as the apitherapy and honey education, Observation Tower and an ethnographic education.

As part of the event, interviews with several participants were done in order to better understand their impressions and feedback. The participants were incredibly sincere, open to dialogue and cooperation, most of them had actively participated in International Weeks in the past, and many were interested in visiting Lithuania long before the event.

‘I’ve never been to the Baltic region, in this particular part, so I really wanted to see your beautiful country. When we arrived in Klaipeda, we had some small work through the city, it’s really nice. And it has some Nordic atmosphere which I really like’ – Erika Černeková, Comenius University Bratislava.

As a result, the participants were very impressed with the city, the atmosphere, the environment and, in particular, the excellent preparation and organisation of the event:

‘KVK’s personnel, especially lecturers, are very kind, every time smiling, every time they are ready to help me’ – Rabia Balcı, Amasya University.

‘This event is well-organized; the organization is great. People are great. The country is great. I feel really safe and comfortable here in this city’ – Nikolina Smajla, Karlovac University of Applied Sciences.

The importance of such events was aptly expressed by one of the guest lecturers:

‘When we’re talking about globalization and education, it means we need the connection of those universities and institutions from different part of the world. And this event helps us, support us to make those linkages, to share experience, to see how diversified we are. So, it is really beneficial’ – Natia Zedginidze, Kutaisi International University.

An Erasmus Officer’s recommendations for future participants:

‘I definitely recommend this International Week, this country, this city because they have wonderful people, wonderful team and they will you prepare the best IW and time spend and enjoy’ – Erika Černeková, Comenius University Bratislava.

Ultimately, KVK’s 20th International Week was a resounding success, showcasing HEI’s commitment to international collaboration and cultural exchange. The event not only provided valuable academic and professional insights but also fostered meaningful connections among participants from around the world.

Written by trainee Anna Romaniuk

Last updated: 2024-06-05
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