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KVK participated in Erasmus+ training course „Youth Go Digital“

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In the age of information technology, digital literacy is taking a huge importance.  While the word “literacy” alone generally refers to reading and writing skills, when you add the word “digital” before it, the term encompasses much, much more. Digital literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills (definition by The American Library Association’s digital-literacy task force).

What exactly is someone talking about when he or she refers to digital literacy? Is it the consumption, creation, or communication of digital material? Or is that person discussing a particular digital tool?

On 17-23 February 34 youth workers from Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Spain, Romania, UK and Turkey gathered in Ankara, Turkey, to learn about it. Erasmus+ training course (TC) “Youth Go Digital” aimed to improve Information and Communication Technology (ICT) competences of youth workers needed for successful initiation, implementation and promotion of activities/projects outreaching and involving young people. TC focused on combating discrimination and hate speech, promoting mutual respect and human rights through developing educational competences (the ability to use and share on line educational methods, tools and materials in youth work and non-formal learning) and practical skills (creating informational, communication and media tools) of youth workers.


During the TC week participants from KVK had opportunity not only to share their own experience in work with youth, but to gain new knowledge about wide range of digital tools which could help in the work with students. During the week in Ankara participants learn more about other countries digital literacy situations, work with youth and also different cultures.

Almeda Šinušaitė, Specialist of International Relations Department: Participation in Erasmus TCs always gives you a new insight on your work. Generally we get so into our own work that after some time it simply becomes a routine despite the fact that youth generation and tools are changing. So Erasmus+ projects can help us to find new ways how to improve it, give us new ideas or simply help to bring our own ideas to the light. In TCs you are able to meet with youth and youth workers from different countries with different experiences and different minds. And when you meet the right ones they will help you to grow much more as professional and as a human being.

Lina Račiūtė, General Practice Nursing student, ESN KUK mentor: The project was innovative in terms of digital literacy innovations, touching on an interesting topics. During TC we had opportunity to compare the literacy levels in all participating countries and it was really engrossing to find some countries with staggering results in this field and others with slightly lower performance.

Robertas Kavolius, lecturer of Business faculty: During the week in Ankara we were able to master new methods and ITC tools of working with youth. Additionally we got to know how other NGO works with the young people in their own countries. It was really good to meet new people and generate new ideas for future cooperations.


Last updated: 2020-12-05
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