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KVK’s experience in training health care specialists reaches 90 years!

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Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija / Higher Education Institution, which has deep historical roots, is celebrating an exceptional anniversary this week – Health Sciences Faculty turns 90 years old. The oldest educational institution in the port city has preserved long-standing traditions and trains some same specialists to this day. Currently, it is the largest higher education institution in Western Lithuania where you can obtain higher education.

An honorable past inspires

2,500 students, about 200 professional teachers, 26 study programmes, 60 practical training laboratories – this is the present state of KVK, which is more than a century old. This Thursday, KVK community, honored guests, and alumni gathered for a festive evening, during which the past of the higher education institution was honored, the present was celebrated, and the future looked optimistically.
We are proud that KVK has deep historical roots. Health Sciences Faculty turns 90 this year, and the tradition of teacher training, which grew out of the Teachers’ Seminary, has been continued for more than a century. This is a truly honorable age for higher education in Lithuania.

A new study programme in autumn

KVK Health Sciences Faculty started in 1933 when the Red Cross Hospital was opened. The first director of the hospital, Dr. J. Ciplijauskas, established the Klaipėda Sisters of Mercy courses in 1934 due to the lack of medical staff – this is how the history of the Faculty began.

Over the years, the faculty expanded more and more. Currently, the range of specialists being trained is particularly wide – future oral care (dental hygienists and dental assistants) specialists, physiotherapists, beauty therapists, social workers study here as well.

Every year, about one hundred professional general practice nurses graduate from Health Sciences Faculty. From the fall, the related midwifery study programme will start at KVK (midwives were trained at this higher education institution even earlier – from 1945 to 2000).

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Last updated: 2024-05-16
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