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Digital Personal Investing: Available To Anyone

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Individuals in a gig economy era should become more responsible for their own financial planning. Individuals will need to have higher level financial sophistication to make effective use of financial products and services, and avoid fraud and costly mistakes. Meanwhile, the potential benefits of financial literacy are manifold. The problem of financial management competencies lack in the terms of financial literacy is even bigger in this digital age. As mobile payment tools and FinTech become more popular among consumers, it is increasingly urgent to understand how technological change affects financial behavior and indeed consumer vulnerability. Citizens who use mobile payments are at greater risk in terms of their financial well-being. This result demonstrates that the digital availability of financial services needs to be accompanied by greater financial management skills. There is a need of being aware of the existence of non-traditional financial products and services provided through digital means and related to possibility to manage individuals’ own savings and investing for a better future.


This project aims to develop digital investing skills through greater digital personal financial management competencies and to strengthen cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic countries
promoting digital investing skills, together with the promotion of adults in informal and non-formal learning.

Results and outcomes

– Strengthened links between Baltic and Nordic professionals working in the fields of financial management, digital investing industries and non-formal and informal adult education sectors;
– Created network of partners and possible cooperation in the future, sharing of best practice;
– Conducted research about digital investment possibilities in partner countries. Three research reports, including best examples;
– Created methodology: the methodology will underline the importance of digital competencies, the fundamentals of personal financial management, explore personal investment opportunities in partners countries, provided digital tools for personal investing in partner countries, identified digital tools for funding, proposed practical application of digital investing knowledge in practice. Minimum 40 pages;
– Publication of a scientific article on research examining digital investing opportunities through greater digital personal financial management competencies;


Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences (KVK)

Project Partners

ANMIRO OY (Finland), ArtSmart ltd (Latvia)

Contact person at KVK

Egle Hidri, e.hidri@kvk.lt

Last updated: 2022-09-22
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