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Improving distance communication skills of pre-school and pre-school pedagogy students

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In order to improve the remote communication competence of IPP students, a civic initiative was launched to promote cooperation between students, during which students will improve their professional communication competence, ability to establish and nurture relationships with the community of the preschool institutions.

Students will also cultivate their personal development and ability to learn competencies, cultural competencies, new technology and information management competencies. Involvement in the planning and implementation of the project activities, work in research workshops with students of other higher education institutions will develop the managerial and collaborative competencies of IPP students.


To improve communication skills of nursery and pre-school pedagogy students.

IPP students participating in the project will prepare a poster “Remote communication model in nursery and pre-school education institution” systematizing and summarizing the project results.

Results and outcomes

The following results are expected after the implementation of the project:

  1. 210 IPP students of Lithuanian higher education institutions will participate in trainings, in which they will improve their communication competencies and acquire communication with different target groups skills.
  2. In the research workshops the topics of communication with different target groups will be provided and the structural parts of remote communication will be singled out.
  3. In discussions with IPP practitioners-experts and parents of pre-school children, IPP students will get acquainted with the peculiarities of communication with children and their parents, discuss distance communication in pre-school education institution and get acquainted with the challenges of distance communication experienced by parents.
  4. 20 students of the project partners will learn to cooperate with each other as a project implementation team, sharing project activities, coordinating workshops, forming a remote communication model, publicizing project findings in a seminar for publicizing the results of educational events.


Klaipėda State University of Applied Sciences


The project is financed by Lithuania State Budget. According to the decision of the State Studies Foundation, 9.302,95 EUR were allocated for the implementation of the project.

Contact person at KVK

Ass. Prof. Dr. Ilvija Pikturnaitė, i.pikturnaite@kvk.lt

Last updated: 2021-11-09
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