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Project for students with disabilities “Increasing the accessibility of studies”

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This project aims to improve the accessibility of higher education and the quality of studies for students with special needs. To achieve this goal, the project will strive to improve the study conditions of students with special needs: provide a targeted allowance each month and control this process, inform and consult on the obtainment and use of the allowance, assess how the information and physical environment of higher education institutions is adapted to students’ special needs, and will look for ways to improve it, disseminate information on measures how to increase access to studies and make it faster and more convenient. In order to improve the quality of studies, it is planned to organize trainings, meetings, discussions on the issues of increasing the availability of studies for higher education staff, to analyse which competencies of higher education staff should be developed.

Results and outcomes

The activities envisaged in the project will be aimed at creating a universally accessible study environment that will encourage people with special needs to pursue higher education. Financial support for College students, purchase of necessary equipment, increase of accessibility of studies, training of staff working with people with disabilities.


The State Studies Foundation

Contact person at KVK

Vilma Bridikienė, el. p. v.bridikiene@kvk.lt

Last updated: 2021-11-09
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