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Students vs Teachers – Traditional shooting competition

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On 24-28th February Faculty of Technologies held a traditional pneumatic shooting competition for the Transitional Dean‘s cup. This competition has been organized since 2002 and became very popular among students. The hands aptness were tested by 12 teams of teachers, local students and Erasmus exchanges students. The competition becomes very international – from total 110 number there were 50 foreign students participating.

Unfortunately this year students was not so lucky to defeat the excellent Faculty of Technology shooting team, represented by lecturer Tytas Savickas, Dean Jūratė Vaitekonienė, assistant Ilma Rimienė. The team collected 79 points in total. The second place with 76 points went to Electrical and Automation Engineering (EA32-3) students team – Marius Paškevičius, Steponas Petkus, Aurimas Peištoras. And the third place just with 1 score lower was awarded to Erasmus students team which consisted of exchanges students Alvaro Sanz, Cem Gungor and Maxime Fritsch.

In personal record the first place with total 28 points went to Erasmus student Alvaro Sanz. The second place was given to teacher Tytas Savickas and KT19-2 group student Aistė Kirilovaitė who both collected 27 points. Third place went to EA32-3 Marius Paškevičius.

After all the scores were counted, Transitional Dean‘s Cup was given to the Faculty of Technology teachers team. All winners in team and personal groups were awarded with medals.

Last updated: 2020-12-05
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