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Study Finance at KVK!

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Finance studies – guaranty of your future career

Interested in numbers and economics? Are you responsible and demanding? Financial studies are designed for you.

While studying Finance, you will learn to analyze the indicators of financial statements and economic financial activity, prepare investment projects, select financial methods and sources, prepare tax and statistical reports on financial statements, solve financing and investment issues! After graduation the Port of Klaipeda will be the best place for your career development.

The knowledge and skills provided by the subjects of the finance study program at KVK comply with international standards for financial management, accounting management, financial analysis. It is a universal program for the qualification of a financier. The awarded qualification is recognized in the European Union and other foreign countries. KVK is the only university of applied sciences in Lithuania which offers to study Finance in English language. “Students who graduate from KVK have very high abilities in their field. I think that my words could be confirmed not only by our company, but also by other companies, because it would really stand out from many educational institutions,” said Mantas Lukšys, Head of Accounting and Finance Department at our partner company “Greencarrier”.

Graduates are working as financiers, accountants, auditors, tax administrators in various business and state institutions, banks and other financial institutions. Speaking about the work of a financier, Julius Šarūnas, KVK graduate and Manager of “Šiauliai Bank” in Klaipeda, drew attention to the issue of responsibility, because a financier is probably the person who knows the company’s processes the best. “I think the most important thing is logical and analytical thinking. However, it is important to mention that the financier is often the right hand of the company director. A good financier is a person who knows the most about the company after the manager: how it is doing, what opportunities the companies are waiting for and can reasonably advise which direction to turn to or what things to give up, ”said Julius. The work of a financier is more related to future forecasts – what may be in one case or another, what the company might need to change to improve one indicator or another.

If you think Finance is your field, then apply to study at KVK!

You can also become a part of KVK. Application for 2020/2021 studies at KVK (Lithuania) is open!Contact us via international@kvk.lt


If you want to learn more, please register for the individual consultation with International Relations Department or The Dean of the Faculty by e-mail – international@kvk.lt


Last updated: 2020-12-05
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