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Study Informatics at KVK!

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Informatics studies – the direct way to gigantic technology corporations


Breathtaking salary, dream work, future specialty – such assessments accompany the professional perspectives of information technology specialists. If you dream of creating a mobile application, programming a complex system, or maybe creating a new software product – study at KVK.

Studying Informatics at KVK is worth because:

After graduating from the Informatics study programme, graduates are ready to create programmes for computers and mobile devices, create information systems, work in companies that develop software products, work as freelance programmers. They also will be able to work in other types of businesses as well as in culture, education, state governance and defense structures, specializing in the development of computer programs and / or in the maintenance of local area networks, hardware and software.

If you dream to become a specialist in Informatics, then apply to study at KVK!

Application for 2020/2021 studies at KVK (Lithuania) is open!

Contact us via international@kvk.lt

If you want to learn more, please register for the individual consultation with International Relations Department or The Dean of the Faculty by e-mail – international@kvk.lt

Last updated: 2020-12-05
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