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Study Physiotherapy at KVK!

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Physiotherapy for a challenging, rewarding and satisfying career

Looking for a rewarding job in healthcare? Does helping people and changing their lives for the better brings you joy? If yes then physiotherapy might be the answer for you!

Physiotherapy is one of the main means of rehabilitation. This method of therapy is based on the fact that proper body movement helps to renew, improve and maintain the functional condition of bones and muscles, cardiovascular and other systems. This profession has gained huge popularity over the past years, offering plenty of career opportunities.

KVK is one of the few higher education institution in Lithuania which offers to study Physiotherapy in English. The study program is unique, focused on the development of practical skills and the ability to organize and conduct private activities. Every study subjects have practicums and around 1500 hours of practices are conducted during 3 years of studies. Once you obtain a physiotherapy degree, you can work in sports medicine, occupational health, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, or pediatrics.

Graduates of KVK are able to provide personal health care services independently and in a team of rehabilitation specialists, including examination, assessment, movement treatment, physical and physical factors, disability compensation, health care, prevention, promotion of healthy lifestyle and training. Physiotherapists can work in institutions that have a valid personal health care license to provide physiotherapy services and / or other personal health care services in social rehabilitation and ablation, education and training institutions, care and nursing homes, health and fitness centers, clubs, orthopedic products and technical facilities institutions and private practice.

If you want to become a Physiotherapist, then apply to study at KVK!

Application for 2020/2021 studies at KVK (Lithuania) is open!

Contact us via international@kvk.lt

If you want to learn more, please register for the individual consultation with International Relations Department or The Dean of the Faculty by e-mail – international@kvk.lt

Last updated: 2020-12-05
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