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Faculty of Business

Education Department

Study programmes – Pre-school and Pre-primary School Pedagogy, Primary Education Pedagogy.

Contact person – Audronė Čistienė, Head of Department, a.cistiene@kvk.lt.

Business Administration Department

Study programmes – Tourism Business, Digital Marketing, Logistics Management, Administration of Institutions and Companies.

Contacts – Laurencija Budrytė-Ausiejienė, Head of Department, l.ausiejiene@kvk.lt.

Finance and Accounting Department

Study programmes – Finance, Accounting.

Contacts – Sabina Jurkaitienė, Head of Department, s.jurkaitiene@kvk.lt.


SubjectECTS Semester
Educational Sciences Study Field
1Leadership and Management in Educational Institution3Autumn/Spring
2Family Pedagogy3Autumn/Spring
3Development and Special Child Psychology4 / 5Autumn/Spring
4General Psychology3 / 4Autumn/Spring
Primary School Education
5Innovative Education in Primary School6Autumn/Spring
6Music Education4Spring
7Physical training and dance in kindergarten4 / 6Spring
 Pre-school and Pre-primary School Education
8Development of Social Skills3Spring
9Event organization and education in Drama5Autumn/Spring
10Physical activity and dance pedagogy4Autumn
11Test Practice of Learning Activities in Kindergarten6Autumn/Spring
Business and Public Management Study Field
12Entrepreneurship3 / 5Autumn / Spring
13Small e-business online3 / 5Autumn / Spring
14Management of Organizations3 / 6Autumn/Spring
15Basics of Management3 / 6Autumn/Spring
16Staff Management3 / 5Autumn/Spring
17Corporate Social Responsibility3Spring
18Organizational Behaviour4Spring
19Personal Career Management3Autumn/Spring
20Creating presentations3Autumn
21Sustainable Business Development3/5Spring
22Statistics3 / 4Spring
23Social Psychology5Autumn/ Spring
24Psychology of Communication5Autumn/ Spring
25Logistics Management3 / 5Autumn
26Business Communication5Autumn/ Spring
27Business Model innovation3 / 4Autumn/Spring
28Customer relationships management
29Media communication
30Mobile Marketing
3 / 5Autumn/Spring
31Fundamentals of Digital Marketing3 / 5Autumn/Spring
32Consumer Behavior on the Internet3 / 5Autumn/Spring
33Investment management
Tourism and Leisure Study Field
34Lithuanian Tourism Resources3 / 5Spring
35Geography of Travel and International Tourism3/5Auutmn
36Excursion methodology and guiding3 / 5Spring
Accounting and Finance Study Field
37Management Accounting*4/6Autumn
38Business risk*3/5Autumn
General Subjects
39Information Technologies3 / 5Autumn/Spring
40Micro- and Macroeconomics4/6Spring
41Methodology of Applied Research3 / 4Autumn/Spring
43Lithuanian for Foreigners8Autumn/Spring
44Professional Foreign Language (English)9Autumn/Spring
45International Economy4Spring

* subject for advanced students of Finance/Accounting fields. Required essential study subjects to be heard before – basics of accounting and finance.

Note – writing 3/5 means the subject can be chosen with 3 ECTS or with 5 ECTS.

Note – follow number of credits and semester for the subjects as written on the list, not in the description.

Last updated: 2023-12-01
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