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Faculty of Health Sciences

Physiotherapy and Beauty Therapy Department

Study programmes – Beauty Therapy, Physiotherapy.

Contact person – Simona Urbonienė, Head of Department, s.urboniene@kvk.lt.

Nursing and Social Welfare Department

Study programmes – General Practice Nursing, Social Work

Contact person – Akvilė Virbalienė, Head of Department, a.virbaliene@kvk.lt or slaugoskatedra@kvk.lt,

Oral Care Department

Study programmes – Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting

Contact person – Monika Balčytienė, Head of Department, m.balcytiene@kvk.lt.

SubjectAcademic year*ECTSSemester
Beauty Therapy
1Decorative Cosmetology1st6Spring
2Manicure and Pedicure1st5Spring
3Cosmetic Chemistry1st5Spring
4Practice of Makeup, Manicure and Pedicure (Internship)1st6Spring
5Basics of Cosmetic Face Care2nd5Autumn
6Pharmacology and Basics of Toxicology2nd4Autumn
7Hardware Cosmetology2nd5Autumn
8Body Treatments and Hair Removal Methods2nd6Spring
9Practice of Facial and Body care procedures (Internship)2nd6Spring
10Cosmetic Facial Care Treatment2nd5Spring
11Spa Philosophy and Treatments3rd6Autumn
12Aesthetic and Clinical Cosmetology3rd4Autumn
1Anatomy and Physiology1st3Spring
2General Physiotherapy and Functional Diagnostics1dt9Spring
3Physical agents in physiotherapy2nd5Autumn
4Ergonomics and Preventive Physiotherapy2nd3Autumn
5Physiotherapy Techniques2nd8Autumn
6Physiotherapy in Obstetrics and Gynecology2nd3Autumn
7Physiotherapy in Pediatrics2nd5Autumn
8Physiotherapy internship in pediatrics2nd3Autumn
9Physiotherapy in internal diseases2nd6Spring
10Internship in internal diseases2nd6Spring
11Physiotherapy in Surgery Traumatology and Orthopedics2nd8Spring
12Physiotherapy internship in surgery, orthopedics and traumatology2nd7Spring
13Physiotherapy in Neurology3rd6Autumn
14Physiotherapy internship in neurology3rd12Autumn
General Practice Nursing
1Academic Literacy1st3Autumn
3Nursing Ethics1st3Autumn
4Human Anatomy and Physiology1st6Autumn
5Microbiology and Hygiene1st3Autumn
6Health Psychology1st3Autumn
7General Nursing1st9Autumn
8General Pharmacology1st3Spring
9Biochemistry and Biophysics1st3Spring
10Primary Health Care1st4Spring
11Professional Foreign Language1st4Spring
12Healthcare Technologies1st3Spring
13Human Pathophysiology1st4Spring
14General Nursing Practice (P)1st9Spring
15Clinical Pharmacology2nd3Autumn
16Medical Nursing2nd6Autumn
17Nursing Care for the Elderly2nd3Autumn
18Health Education2nd3Autumn
19Medical Nursing Practice (P)2nd9Autumn
20Elderly care practice (P)2nd6Autumn
21Pregnancy Care and Midwifery2nd3Spring
22Nursing Applied  Research and Statistic2nd4Spring
23Child and Family Care2nd5Spring
24Pregnancy Care and Midwifery care practice (P)2nd8Spring
25Child nursing practice (P)2nd7Spring
26Nursing Management and Leadership3rd3Autumn
27Community Nursing3rd3Autumn
28Surgical Nursing3rd5Autumn
29Community Nursing Practice (P)3rd8Autumn
30Surgical Nursing Practice (P)3rd8Autumn
31Emergency and Intensive Care3rd5Spring
32Mental Health Nursing3rd4Spring
33Emergency and Intensive Care Practice (P)3rd9Spring
34Mental Health Nursing Practice (P)3rd9Spring
35Robotics in nursing4th3Autumn
36Final Practice CQE (P)4th15Autumn
Social Work
1Professional and Academic Writing (IT, Aca. Wr)1st4Autumn
4Introduction to Social Work and Professional Ethics1st8Autumn
5Professional Foreign Language (English, German)1st3Autumn
6Human rights in Social Work1st3Autumn
7Human behavior in the Social Environment1st6Autumn
8Social Policy1st3Spring
9General and Development Psychology1st4Spring
10Volunteering and experiential learning1st3Spring
11Theoretical Models of Social Work1st5Spring
12Methods of Social Work I1st6Spring
13Social services for sustainable development1st3Spring
14Introductory Social work Practice (P)1st6Spring
15Social security law2nd3Autumn
16Social Psychology2nd3Autumn
17Social Research Methods2nd5Autumn
18Social Gerontology2nd5Autumn
19Spirituality in Social Work2nd3Autumn
20Methods of Social Work II2nd8Autumn
21Assistive technologies2nd3Autumn
22Social Work in the Team2nd4Spring
23Supervision and Intervision2nd3Spring
24Social innovation2nd6Spring
25Professional communication and document management2nd3Spring
26Stationary Institutional Social Work Practice (P)2nd8Spring
27Integration of people with disabilities3rd5Autumn
28Social work with vulnerable groups3rd5Autumn
29Social Services Management3rd5Autumn
30Crisis Management in Social Work3rd4Autumn
31Media in Social Work3rd3Autumn
32Social Work in the Health Care System3rd5Autumn
33Social Work Practice with Cases (P)3rd21Spring
Dental Hygiene
1Health Philosophy3Autumn
2Academical and Professional Literacy  (IT, Academic Literacy)5Autumn
3Communication Psychology and Conflict Management3Autumn
4Professional Ethics and Bioethics3Autumn
5Dental Hygienist’s Work Environment, Ergonomics and Teamwork7Autumn
6General Anatomy and Physiology6Spring
7Internal Diseases and Oral Pathology4Spring
8Professional Dental Hygiene I7Autumn
9Oral Health Research Methods3Autumn
10First Medical Aid and Injections3Autumn
11Epidemiology of Oral Diseases3Spring
12Public Health3Spring
13Diseases of Oral Mucosa and Periodontology3Spring
14Professional Dental Hygiene II7Spring
15Work Organization and Quality Management in Dental Clinic7Autumn
16Dental Radiology3Autumn
17Professional Dental Hygiene III5Autumn
18Oral Health Promoting Behaviour Developing in Community3Autumn
19Professional Dental Hygiene IV6Spring
20Orthopaedic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Implantology4Spring
21Working with a Patient Practice I (P)6Autumn
22Working with a Patient Practice II (P)8Spring
23Working with a Patient and Community Practice (P)6Autumn
24Final Practice (P)11Spring
Dental Assisting
1Health Philosophy3Autumn
2Academical and Professional Literacy  (IT, Academic Literacy)5Autumn
3Communication Psychology and Conflict Management3Autumn
4Professional Ethics and Bioethics3Autumn
5Dental Assistant’s Work Environment and Ergonomics7Autumn
6General Anatomy and Physiology6Spring
7Internal Diseases and Oral Pathology4Spring
8Oral Health Research Methods3Autumn
9First Medical Aid and Injections3Autumn
10Epidemiology of Oral Diseases3Spring
11Public Health3Spring
12Diseases of Oral Mucosa and Periodontology3Spring
13Teamwork and Modern Assisting for a Dentist7Spring
14Work Organization and Quality Management in Dental Clinic7Autumn
15Dental Radiology3Autumn
16Patient’s Oral Health Promoting Behaviour Development3Autumn
17Working with the Patients Having Special Needs and Mobile Dental Services6Spring
18Orthopaedic Dentistry and Orthodontics4Spring
19Infection Control and Oral Diseases Prevention Practice (P)6Autumn
20Assisting Practice (P)8Spring
21Teamwork Practice (P)6Autumn
22Pre-Diploma Practice (P)11Spring

P – practical subject which might be carried out in KVK laboratories, hospitals, clinics, social centers or at other social partners institutions.

* Students should not be in the lower academic course than listed.

** Physiotherapy students are carrying out practices and internships in Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital.


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