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KVK enters the new academic year with the recognition of international experts and 1000 of new freshmen students

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“The year 2023 is the year of success and recognition of Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija / Hihger Education Institution (KVK)”, says the new director Dr. Remigius Kinderis.

KVK is a multi-profile state institution of higher education, whose activities have been rated very well by experts. It is important to note that the areas of quality assurance and impact on the development of the region and the entire country are rated 4 points each, i.e. the field is evaluated very well in the national context and in the international space, without any shortcomings. This is the merit and appreciation of the joint activities of the entire KVK community and social partners.

“As a higher education institution, it is particularly important for us to fulfill our mission – to contribute to the sustainable development of the region. We are the higher education institution in the region that attracts the most young people to the city and provides a strong foundation for a successful professional future. KVK pays great attention to the quality of studies and tries to consider the expectations of its evaluators: students’ expectations, alumni’s feedback, employers’ recommendations”, says Dr. R. Kinderis.

KVK remains an independent higher education institution

In the course of restructuring the collegiate sector in Lithuania, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports assembled an expert commission, which in June approved the independent strengthening plan of KVK and believes that there is an opportunity to achieve the long-term goals set out in the strengthening plan and to act independently. Government on 12 July 2023 by resolution No. 569 approved the implementation measure of the 2023-2024 state college network strengthening action plan “KVK to implement the institution strengthening plan”.

“This decision of the Government is a high assessment of our institution’s potential and a credit of trust,” said Dr. R. Kinderis.

Results of admission – encouraging

Now, the admissions results are still being refined, but according to the available data, admissions in the current context of changes in the college sector did not disappoint. Although Kaunas and Vilnius are the most popular cities that high school students look for, KVK managed to attract about 1,000 freshmen. The most popular study programs are Preschool and pre-primary school pedagogy, Primary education pedagogy, General practice nursing, Physiotherapy, Logistics management, Construction engineering and Electrical and automation engineering.

We wish every member of the KVK community great academic achievements!

Last updated: 2023-09-05
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