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Oral care study field – accreditation for the 7 years

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The Department of Oral Care has received excellent news from the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education!

On 24th November 2020 an international external evaluation of the study field of oral care took place. The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, based on the conclusions of the external evaluation of the studies prepared by the experts and taking into account the proposal of the Study Evaluation Commission, made a decision on the evaluation of the first cycle studies in the field of oral care. The field of studies is accredited at Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences (KVK) for 7 years.

During the external evaluation, the experts evaluate the field of study according to 7 areas: study goals, results and content; Interfaces between science (art) and study activities; Student admission and support; Study, study achievements and graduate employment; Teachers; Study material resources; Study quality management and publicity.

During the external evaluation, the experts met remotely with the administration of the KVK and the Faculty of Health Sciences, the compilers of the self-analysis summary of the studies in the field of oral care, lecturers of the field, students, graduates and employers.

The Department of Oral Care implements two programs in the field of oral care at the Faculty of Health Sciences – Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting. The KVK programme of Dental Assisting has been implemented for almost two decades, and the study programme of Dental Hygiene – for 12 years.

Oral care study field programmes occupy a special place in the context of other study fields developed by KVK. The oral care field is leading in popularity among those who choose KVK.

The need for dental assistants in the labour market remains very high, with students finding employment in dental clinics already during their studies. Oral hygienists find a job not only in Lithuania, but also abroad.

We are proud of our fruitful partnership with employers, professional associations and other higher education institutions. Effective involvement of social stakeholders in the processes of evaluation and improvement of the field of studies is one of the essential factors determining the quality of studies.

We are pleased with the excellent expert assessment and insights that point in the direction of continuous improvement.

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Language of instruction for international students – English.

Tuition fee for 1 academic year – 2800 EUR.

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