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Study Dental Hygiene at KVK! (studijos anglų kalba)

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Become a Professional who takes care

of Oral Health

Do you know that smile is always in style? Having healthy teeth or, in some cases, not having teeth at all can truly affect people’s quality of life. Dental hygiene specialists are here to help with it.

Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences is the only higher education institution in Western Lithuania, which offers to study Dental Hygiene. After 12 years, this programme leads popularity among those who choose to study at KVK and graduates work in highly qualified jobs.

The Oral Care Department prepares a highly qualified oral care specialist who, working independently could provide oral care services taking into account the needs of patients assess oral health status and the need for preventive and interventional procedures, systematically educate individuals and the community. During practical studies, students continuously learn, develop and consolidate their manual skills as Dental Hygiene specialists, as well as develop communication skills with the prospective patient and learn how to teach the patient the principles of oral care.

Dental Hygiene students are constantly involved in conducting applied research. Research is often commissioned by various business companies and carried out by students, who then use the data to prepare their final theses. These students have the opportunity to hear first-hand about innovations in the field of oral disease prevention, as business representatives periodically prepare presentations of the latest products for KVK students. KVK practical training bases with modern dental chairs are adapted to simulate real working conditions. Many students also enjoy the opportunity of the Erasmus+ programme and often choose to study and do internships in foreign countries like Portugal, Turkey, Sweden or Italy. “The best part of my studies is getting the opportunity to study in another country on ERASMUS program where I am able to present the country I belong to, as well as the university” says Rabeel, student from Pakistan who currently is on his exchange semester in Turkey.

The staff at Department and KVK are providing all necessary help to all students – local and foreign. Teachers working with foreign students are very satisfied, as they have the opportunity to not forget and at the same time develop their foreign language skills on a daily basis and constantly share their experiences. „I never regretted accepting this good challenge and greatly expanded my worldview by working with international students”, said Eglė Žymantienė, Head of the Department, who also teach students subjects as Infection Control in Dentistry and Public Health.

Teachers and Lithuanian students also enrich themselves culturally and broaden their horizons by communicating with our foreign students from United Kingdom, India and Pakistan who brought their personal insights. “Study programme is well structured; there are different additional methods to achieve good knowledge through KVK Moodle programme, literature and handout are easily accessed from the lecturers. The teachers are very friendly that you can almost share your personal stuff“shares Rina, who is finishing her second academic year here at KVK. „Studying in Lithuania has been easy so far. The study sources are provided by the teachers and they are always happy to help when needed,” comments first year student Daisy. So gradually, everyone becomes like a “family” – even after graduation, the connection continues uninterrupted. “The course seemed really fascinating with lots of choice in terms of the modules. The amazing professors and their cooperation is of highly valuable. More importantly, University’s staff is incredible! I had not anticipated such an awesome experience. Glad I am part of this university” adds Rabeel.

If you think Dental Hygiene is the field of your future, then apply to study at KVK!


You can also become a part of KVK. Application for 2020/2021 studies at KVK (Lithuania) is open!

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