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Beauty Therapy

Field of studies
Health sciences
Professional Bachelor of Health Sciences
Form and duration
Full-time (3 years)
Lithuanian language
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Why study this programme?

If your dream is to be a part of the Beauty Services industry – the Beauty Therapy degree programme is just for you. This study programme is designed to develop your practical and general skills that will help you establish yourself in the world of beauty services.

Study environment

The study process of the Beauty Therapy Study Program provides students with the opportunity to:
– develop an awareness of workplace culture,
– develop a practical appreciation of their chosen profession,
– develop competencies for professional practice,
– demonstrate competencies for professional practice.
On the training base are installed simultaneous workplaces – the students is submerged in the work place related to the discipline or professional activity. Training base equipped with facilities for wellness or / and spa (water) treatments.
During the study process, academic knowledge is integrated into professional activity, teaching / learning methods are used: research projects, workshops, case studies, role plays, work-related problem – solving projects, group work, etc.
In order to introduce students to beauty industry market or professional activities excursions to the Spa Centers are organized, guest-beauty industry representatives are invited to share practical work experience.


Graduates of the Beauty Therapy study programme will be able to work as self-employed or employed beauty therapists / cosmetologists in beauty services companies: beauty salons, parlors, wellness centers, spa centers, visage studios, provide beauty services in non-specialized areas, etc., work as consultant in cosmetic stores, to organize business in the beauty field itself: advertising and distribution of cosmetics, equipment / devices, organizing educational activities, ect.

Contact person

Simona Urbonienė Head of Physiotherapy and Beauty therapy department

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Goal of the program

To prepare a beauty therapist who is able to provide services in the field of beauty and wellness, to critically evaluate practical experience in its professional activities and to keep learning in a changing national and international environment.


Study field subjects (135 credits): Anatomy and Physiology, Basics of Biochemistry and biophysics, Microbiology and Immunology, Workplace Ergonomics and Hygiene, Skin histology, General and Cosmetic Chemistry, Emergency aid, Nutrition, Profession Ethics and Communication Psychology, Academic and Professional Literacy, Professional and Foreign Language (En., Fr., Germ.), General and Clinical Pathology, General Cosmetology, Material Science and Cosmetics, Basics of Cosmetic Face Care, Decorative Cosmetology, Basics of Massage and Relaxation Techniques, Hardware Cosmetology and Physiotherapy, Dermatovenerology, Aroma and Phytotherapy, Body Treatments and Hair Removal Methods, Manicure and Pedicure, Basics of Entrepreneurship and Principles of Business Management, Applied Research Methodology, Cosmetic Facial Care Treatment, Spa Philosophy and Treatments, Pharmacology and Basics of Toxicology, Aesthetic and Clinical Cosmetology. Medical Law, Regulation of Cosmetics Production and Provision of Services. Optional subjects: Basics of Body Art and Stage Make-up, Advanced Pedicure Techniques, Special massage techniques, Reflexotherapy.

Study results

1. To demonstrate an understanding of human anatomy and physiology, the impact of endogenous and exogenous factors on the condition of the skin, criteria and methods for evaluating the aesthetic needs of clients.
2. To apply the principles of occupational safety, hygiene, ergonomics requirements and requirements of protection of the ethical and legal interests of clients in professional activities.
3. To analyze the purpose and effect of cosmetic materials and tools taking into account the client’s aesthetic needs and the nature of the procedure being performed.
4. To establish short-term and long-term objectives of cosmetic procedures by developing short-term and long-term plans for the cosmetic care according to the client’s aesthetic needs.
5. To carry out cosmetic procedures by selecting cosmetic products, tools, materials and equipment, and to perform a critical evaluation of its quality and effectiveness.
6. To plan, organize beauty and wellness services, to work independently and in a team, in collaboration with the specialists of other fields, and to implement the dissemination of professional experience.
7. To analyze and summarize practical experience of professional activities, to keep learning in a changing national and international environment and to advise the clients on the issues of beauty and wellness.
8. To conduct empirical research, to collect and to analyze data needed to solve professional activities and problems.





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