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Digital Marketing Communication

Field of studies
Business and public management
Professional Bachelor of Business Management
Form and duration
Full-time (3 years)
Lithuanian language
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Why study this programme?

Digital marketing communication is a new, innovative, the only bachelor’s study programme in Lithuania. The study programme is designed for creative people who are interested in the latest media and communication technologies and are not afraid of constant challenges.

Study environment

This new and innovative programme is the only Professional Bachelor‘s programme in Lithuania. Digital marketing communication is one of the most promising areas of marketing whose development in the market is gaining momentum, and there are good career prospects for the specialists in both local and international markets.


The graduates will be able to work as marketing (digital/traditional) specialists in a variety of business environments – from small businesses to large companies, in nonprofit organizations, and state public institutions, or work freelance.

Contact person

Laurencija Budrytė - Ausiejienė Verslo administravimo katedros vedėja

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Goal of the program

To educate highly qualified specialists of digital marketing communication who are able to use digital technologies to create integrated purposeful and measurable communication, to manage digital marketing tools, and to apply creative and critical thinking, and have a positive attitude to continuous personal and professional development.


Study subjects (108 credits): Psychology of Communication, Business Ethics, Basics of Economics, Basics of Marketing, Consumer Behavior Online, Creativity Development, Business Communication, Professional Foreign Language 1 (English, German), Business Statistics, E-marketing and Social Media, Media Communication, Creative Writing, Digital Advertising and Sales Promotion, Digital Branding, Digital Content Management, Online Research, Methodology of Applied Research, Customer Relationship Management, Pricing and Marketing Finance, Business Law, Mobile Marketing.

Study results

Graduate:1. Knows digital marketing communication theories and legal regulation of activities.
2. Carries out research and analyzes consumer needs, prospective customer groups, customer loyalty and sales volume.
3. Evaluates the effectiveness of digital marketing communication in regard to consumers and business.
4. Creates added value of digital marketing communication.
5. Prepares digital marketing communication plans and strategies to meet the objectives of a company.
6. Manages digital marketing communication tools and dissemination channels.
7. Communicates in the mother tongue and a foreign language in the spoken and written modes.
8. Applies professional knowledge to organizing one’s own work and that of divisions working independently and in a team.”





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