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Automobile Transport Engineering

Field of studies
Professional Bachelor of Engineering Sciences
Form and duration
Full-time (3 years)
Lithuanian language
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Why study this programme?

A car is not a simple thing, but a serious and complex machine – every car enthusiast will agree. And how can you resist that glare, the hustle and bustle, that speed and that unexpected beep?

Study environment

Automobiles Transport Engineering study programme provides opportunities for students to acquire exceptional practical skills at the Center of Practical Training and Applied Researches in the field of Transport Engineering modeling real automotive service’s activities.


Graduates will be able to work in car maintenance, repair, automotive or spare parts trading, insurance companies, traffic management organizations, technical inspection stations, state road transport inspection, stevedoring companies, transport terminals and other companies involved in transport sector as engineers, technicians or managers, assistants of managers or their deputies, heads of departments or branches in Lithuania or abroad. Some of them having acquired experience will be able to set up their own companies and create workplaces.

Contact person

Jūratė Liebuvienė Head of Automobile Transport Engineering Department

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Goal of the program

To train up highly qualified transport engineers to be competent to perform effectively in various enterprises of transport sector, independently manage and implement processes of vehicle technical service, diagnostics and repair, applying innovative technologies and organizational means.


Study subjects (124 credits): Professional Communication, Professional Foreign Language, Methodology of Applied Researches, Psychology / Philosophy of Engineering / Philosophy, Transport Law, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Materials, Engineering and Computer Graphics, Road Vehicles, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, Internal Combustion Engines, Engineering Mechanics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Consumables Materials and Liquids, Electrical Installations and Management Systems of Automobile, Automobile Diagnostics, Organization of Maintenance and Current Repair of Automobiles, Theory of Automobile, Technological Equipment, Automobile Repair Technologies, Car Service Company Designing, Economy of Transport Companies, Cars Flaw Detection and Technical Expertise, Hybrid Automobiles and Energy Sources of Alternative Power.

Study results

1. Explain vehicle and machine constructions, principles of their operation and exploitation, features of construction and exploitation materials and their applicability in engineering decisions.
2. Is able to identify general physical and chemical processes and apply methods of engineering calculations and ways of use and control technical equipment.
3. Analyze modern automobile systems and evaluate their exploitation characteristics dependent on traffic, road and weather conditions.
4. Apply knowledge and understanding when analyzing engineering tasks and choosing appropriate methods, as well as experimental, laboratory and technological equipment for solving it.
5. Design technological processes of automobile technical exploitation while using basic and specialized software and satisfy the quality of performance.
6. Solve tasks of automobile diagnostics, technical maintenance, current repair and repair technologies design as well as tasks of exploitation while assessing science and technology innovations.
7. Carry out experimental and applied research activities using laboratory, manufacturing and software equipment, to analyze and evaluate experiment and laboratory works results and to give conclusions
8. Evaluate business environment and to prepare company’s technological project of automobile technical maintenance, to plan and organize company/subdivision activities as well as to analyze its performance results.
9. Perform creatively and responsibly in muti-profiled groups while evaluating and solving various tasks of vehicle technical maintenance and repair and other professional activities.
10. Learn to analyze independently problems of vehicle technical maintenance and repair developing her/his knowledge in the field of transport engineering.”







Lithuanian language and literature


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