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Field of studies
Health sciences
Professional Bachelor of Health Sciences, Dietician
Form and duration
Full-time (3 years)
Lithuanian language
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Why study this programme?

The goal of the KVK dietetics study programme is to prepare a practice-oriented dietetics specialist who is able to creatively and responsibly apply the principles of nutrition science in a constantly changing national and international environment. Graduates of the dietetics programme will professionally provide nutrition correction counseling to members of the population with diverse needs. According to research, more than 50 % of the people of the world are constantly struggling with overweight or obesity.
One of the leading causes of the obesity epidemic is an irrational diet, which accounts for the majority of deaths, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke. One of the measures to combat obesity is proper public education on healthy eating. The expected study results of the dietetics programme implemented by KVK respond to the health promotion needs of the region of Western Lithuania and the WHO action plan on food and nutrition policy.

Study environment

Study programme Dietetics is unique because it complies closely with the needs of Western Lithuania region. Study programme results ensure that the graduates can efficiently participate in the development of wellness and rehabilitation services development in the region


The graduates of study programme Dietetics work as dietitians in personal and public health care institutions in all levels, which are implementing health care of children and adults. The graduates can also work in regional defense and internal affairs system health care institutions, social care, education institutions, sport centers, rehabilitation and sanatoria treatment institutions, private health care centers, governmental or private public catering institutions.

Contact person

Sigutė Ežerskienė Head of Food Technology and Nutrition Department

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Goal of the program

To prepare a qualified, socially and economically responsible specialist in dietetics oriented to the practical activity who is capable of creative and responsible application of the principles of nutrition science in the constantly changing national and international environment.


Study subjects (126 credits): Philosophy / Psychology of Communication, Academic and Computer Literacy, Dietitians Work Ethic and Environment, Introduction to Food Science, Food Microbiology and Parasitology, Professional and Foreign Language (EN), Anatomy and Physiology of Food Intake, Food Preparation Technology, Infectious and Non-infectious Diseases, Food Safety and Quality, Food Chemistry, Public Health
Professional Communication, Customer Catering Organization, General Biochemistry and Immunology, Healthy and Sick Child Nutrition, Research Methods in Dietetics, Dietetics and Menu Preparation, Emergency Aid, Healthy Lifestyle,
Nutrigenetics, Customer Nutrition Care, Sustainable Food Production and Sustainable Environment, Medical Nutrition, Nutrition for the Elderly and Old Persons, Business Organization and Leadership, Pharmacology in Dietetics, Nutrition of a Sporting People.
Optional subjects (9 credits).
Practices (33 credits): Introductory Internship, Internship of Food Service for the Client, Internship of Client’s Menu Arrangement, Final Internship.
Graduation Paper (12 credits).

Study results

1. Explain the terminology, meaning and activities of wellness, point out the importance of requirements and apply them to ensure provision of safe and high-quality nutrition correction services.
2. Analyze the complex relationship between a human being, the environment and food, and identify individual needs of clients / patients.
3. Perform a nutritional care of patients / clients and ensure the proper food service for a patient/client.
4. Control the quality of raw materials and products, and select the food production technology.
5. Develop a health promotion programme based on research findings and provide scientifically based consultations for the representatives of population with various needs on nutrition correction.
6. Analyze practical experience in the professional activity, keep learning, teaching and consulting personal health care team members.





Chemistry or Mathematics


Lithuanian language and literature


Weighting factor for any subject that does not overlap with the first and second